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Our Solutions:

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The UK's telephone network is undergoing a big change. 


Copper products are no longer available in certain areas. Between now and 2025, the UK copper based network will be switched off and businesses will need to switch to full fibre.


Full fibre will provide speeds up to 10x faster than current technologies, offer 70-80% fewer faults, and futureproof the nation for decades to come.

Don't get left in the dark, it's time to upgrade & futureproof your business.

Are you ready?

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Luke, Assistant Head Teacher, Secondary School

We looked at a lot of suppliers for our phones, and in the end chose NDC, which we have been really pleased with.


NDC knew the product line well, but more importantly took time to understand each school and how people work, matching useful features without overwhelming them with unnecessary additional ones. They were very hands-on with the process which led to the change being very smooth.

The support after the installation was great too with full user training, and we saved a considerable amount of money!

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