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Cheap call rates
Low line rental costs
Outstanding customer service support
Dedicated account management
Simple billing (monthly)
Online access to call information
Free reports and itemisation
24/7 fault reporting
Choose from SIP Trunks, ISDN or Analogue Lines 

Our bespoke lines and calls packages offer you:

SIP Trunks

Power and flexibility through broadband at lower costs.

SIP trunking allows your phone system to access the ‘outside world’ via a broadband/data connection to the network, ensuring flexibility and cost-saving. SIP trunks represent a viable alternative to ISDN services as data connectivity increases in quality and decreases in price.


Free inclusive minutes

Cheaper monthly line rental

High quality & reliable

National presence

Disaster recovery

Great for growing businesses

Free inclusive minutes

All of our SIP trunk solutions come with an inclusive bundle of free minutes every month. From 500 to 5000 minutes, dependent on your current usage, you can call UK local, national, and mobile numbers for free!


Cheaper monthly line rental

Our SIP trunks are among the cheapest in the industry and can save your business between 30% to 60% on monthly ISDN rental costs, which really adds up over the course of a year.


High quality & reliable

Our SIP trunks route calls through GUARANTEED voice broadband. This means we can guarantee our SIP trunks are 100% reliable and calls are of the highest quality.

National presence

You can have local numbers from all over the UK added to your SIP account at no extra cost. This a fantastic free marketing tool that gives your business a local presence up and down the UK without the cost of multiple sites.


Disaster recovery

In the unlikely event that there is an area service issue, diverts can be applied to any destination so that all calls are still received to your business no matter what.


Great for growing businesses

If you require additional SIP trunks due to growth, we can do it for you on the same day it is requested. You won’t have to wait days or weeks for an expensive BT Openreach engineer. If your business is moving premises, we can switch over your service, along with all your numbers at the click of a button. There is no waiting days or weeks for numbers to be ported over and no expensive line installation and activation costs.

Music on Hold

Give your business the right voice!

We’ve found that any business, no matter what the industry, can benefit from an online toolkit enabling personalised on hold messaging and music.

Whether it’s finding new ways to increase revenue, improving customer satisfaction or creating a ‘larger-than-life’ impression, MoH can help.


Create an impression of a sizeable corporate business
Mix and match samples to find the right tone and style to fit your business
Increase revenue by advertising to customers on hold
Prevent ‘hold-rage’ as customers are already in a good mood before they’ve been spoken to
By reducing perceived wait times, your customers are less likely to hang up
Reassure end users that you appreciate their time and prevent them from thinking they have been cut-off

Your Business Phone Number

NDC understand the importance of a phone number for every business and its customers

Along with email, business phone numbers are one of the primary points
of contact between your business and all potential customers.

Displayed across your website, outgoing mail and all marketing output, a phone number is a part of how your business is represented to the outside world. Portraying a professional image through using a memorable, business-specific phone number is something that should not be underestimated.

We can provide your company with the right phone number for your business. Whether you want to offer free, local or national rate, premium
rate or a combination of phone numbers with which your customers can contact you, we are able to offer your company the right solution at highly competitive rates.

Your Business Phone Number

Local Rate Numbers

0845 numbers are an ever-popular choice. Along with 0843 & 0844 ranges, they are the most popular numbers of choice for end-users wanting to benefit from extra features available using non-geographic numbers, without wanting to pay to receive incoming calls.

Your Business Phone Number

Local Rate Numbers

0843 & 0844 numbers are by far the most popular number range available in the UK. Number ranges are charged to the caller at a rate of between 1 to 5 pence per minute, with 5 pence ranges being the most common.

Your Business Phone Number

National Rate Numbers

Following Ofcom regulatory changes to pricing and revenue sharing in 2009, most 0870 numbers have now migrated to other number ranges to continue to enjoy the benefits of using non-geographic numbers. The caller now pays the standard UK national rate when calling from a BT landline, however, calls made from mobile networks or other operators vary.

Your Business Phone Number

Public Sector Business Numbers

0300 numbers are for the exclusive use of the public sector or not for profit organisations and charities. These numbers allow people to identify the type of organisation they are calling and know that standard charges apply. The caller pays the standard national charge rate either from a landline or a mobile phone, with calls received by the end-user subject to a small pence per minute charge.​

Your Business Phone Number


NDC can provide 0800 freephone numbers, these are very popular to end-user customers. The call is entirely free to the caller when calling from a landline, however mobile operators generally charge a higher rate. Inbound charges apply to calls received.​

Your Business Phone Number

National Rate Business Numbers

0333 number ranges have been launched recently for use within commercial organisations. They are very caller friendly, especially from mobiles, as the caller pays the same standard national call charge as when dialling 01 or 02 numbers. The caller pays the standard national charge rate either from a landline or a mobile phone, with calls received by the end-user subject to a small pence per minute charge.

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