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Carbon Offsetting

Offset Your Energy Carbon Emissions

What is Carbon Offsetting?

The more a business can do to reduce its carbon footprint the better for the planet! There will, however, always be a point where you’ve done all you can and you’re still leaving a mark.


This is where more and more businesses are choosing to offset their remaining carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits.


One carbon credit covers the cost of reducing the world’s CO2 emissions by 1 tonne, by investing in projects such as renewable energy generation or deforestation programmes.


Your energy consumption still happens, and the CO2 is still emitted, but elsewhere in the world an action is taken to offset it.

Why offset carbon emissions?

You are doing your bit to help save the environment!

You can advertise that you offset your carbon emissions, providing a strong, positive, forward-thinking message.

You'll receive a certificate to put on display confirming that your business has offset your gas and
electricity usage for a given

You'll receive a digital badge
that you can add to your
website and marketing material.

How do I know it's legitimate?


The carbon credits you will purchase are managed via a very intelligent system. Once purchased, they are ‘retired’ which means that no one else can buy the same carbon credits. We will show you how to view the purchase and subsequent retirement of your credits on the registry.


The projects you will be supporting have all been certified against the Verified Carbon Standard’s rigorous set of rules and requirements. Feel free to ask for more information.

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How much does it cost?


The average cost for a SME to offset their gas and electricity usage is 1% of their spend. So a customer who spends £8k/year on electricity and £4k/year on gas would need to spend about £120 on carbon credits to completely neutralise that usage for the whole year.


With your annual gas and electricity usage, we will calculate how many carbon credits you need to buy to offset it. If you’re not sure what your annual usage is, we'll help you work it out!

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What projects will we support?

We have two portfolios to choose from. The Green portfolio supports renewable energy projects such as wind and solar farms.


For a little extra per tonne we have the Green Plus portfolio which supports projects such as Indonesian forest and peatland conservation, protecting numerous endangered and vulnerable species including the Bornean Orangutan.

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