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Business Broadband

Keep your business connected 

We'll help you stay connected and keep up with business demand

Our business broadband solution is great for small businesses who need to surf the web, download files and access email.


Is your internet speed sluggish and therefore holding you back? Are your staff able to communicate quickly and effectively with customers? Our business broadband package will help speed things up.



Are your customers getting the level of service that they need and want to prevent them from looking elsewhere? Let us help you guarantee 99% uptime with our resilience options.


Adapt quickly to changing business needs by upgrading bandwidth at short notice. Increase capacity and only pay for what you require.

No obligation quote

Our 'no obligation' quotes and advice provide you with real insight and savings for your business. 


24/7 support

We are always available when you need expert help.


Benefits include:


High-quality connection


24/7 support

Web, Email & Downloads

Dedicated Leased Line

Benefits include:

24/7/365 monitoring

Real-time bandwidth reporting

Remote fix for faster fault resolution

Fully managed hardware

Auto-failover to ensure business continuity

Cost-effective for heavy Internet users

A dedicated line for your business

Leased Lines or Dedicated Internet Access systems ensure that the whole internet connection is yours and yours alone! We know that for many businesses, having fast and reliable internet connections is a must.

The benefit of a Leased Line from NDC is that it's always on, it's super speedy, totally private to you and only carries communications from your business, meaning you get a guaranteed level of service.

The line can be used for voice (hosted telephony), data, video, and file sharing. This solution is best suited to large businesses with lots of users.

Racing Cars

For an advanced digital connection, full-fibre is the solution.

If you're after an extremely reliable super-fast business internet connection, fully future-proofed, this is the option for your business!

Ultra Fast Full-Fibre Network

Full speed ahead!

Full-fibre networks are perfect for you if you're looking for:

Benefits include:

Up to 100x faster connection

Dedicated connection

Very reliable

Up to 1GB speeds

Future proof solution

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High speed for increased overall productivity

More bandwidth

To support your cloud service usage

For VoIP and remote storage

For a dedicated network connection to give your business a boost ahead of your competitors. 

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