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    Remote worker and mobile office solutions keep your staff connected to your clients, customers and colleagues.

  • Using technological tools for communicating, storing, and managing shared data for distributed work is not new. What is new is the extension of those capabilities to cheaper and more ubiquitous devices. To access work materials and interact with colleagues on a 24/7 basis, all one needs is a smart phone or an LG IP wired device that reaches the Internet.

    Retain staff, reduce business costs

    In addition, a recently published Institute of Directors (IoD) directive on homeworking was equally positive about the value of home and flexible working, suggesting that managers should seriously consider this as a way of “lowering staff turnover, boosting output and cutting costs.

    Creating secure networks for remote workers

    The principle of homeworking means that directors and owner-managers can now offer their staff far greater flexibility as to where and when they work. It’s far more than having a mobile and a laptop, its about Virtual Private Networks (VPN), secure access to your desktop and the ability to interact with your PC files – an extension of the office network, directly accessible wherever you are, whether at home or aboard.

    Network Digital Communications – The remote working specialists

    Network Digital are at the forefront of flexible, home working and remote office solutions, and provide businesses with the tools and confidence needed to implement this type of solution.

    Offering tailored hardware or software products combined with the most suitable technology, Network Digital can quickly and effectively get your workforce working smarter and – we like to think – living better!