• Matt Tofts, Owner of the the new Rebound Revolution indoor trampoline park in Bicester wanted to find a telephony solution that met the needs of a busy leisure retail establishment. He didn't just need dial tone to take in customer booking enquiries, but required full installation of his structured cabling, PC's, Till systems and CCTV cameras.

    Network Digital Communications proposed the Ericsson LG UCP100 system with four fixed phones and one cordless handset. Rebounds telephone number sits in the cloud as the whole platform is connected to the SIP trunks, a more cost effective and flexible technology to that of traditional BT lines. Resilience is improved, with the ability to automatically reroute inbound calls should there be a connectivity or power problems at the premises. Rebound also wanted to provide a free WI-FI service for customers, which is the standard for most retailers in the leisure industry now, so Network Digital installed a wireless access point and partitioned part of the bandwidth from a new fast fibre broadband circuit for this use.

    Mike McHugh, Managing Director of Network Digital Stated " Another great example of where the Ericsson LG UCP100 perfectly fits the small business. This project for Rebound Revolution also shows how Network Digital are able to do so much more than just install a phone system".

    Matt Commented "We are very happy with the service and installation which was worked around our hugely busy Trampoline Park build. All was in good time and worked brilliantly!"

    Network Digital Communications have been looking after business customer's telephony needs across the UK for over 18 years and are experts in the Ericsson LG product range.