• Integrate the power of IPECS with your PC

    PHONE-LINK is a simple to use application that fully integrates the power of the Ericsson-LG iPECS onto your desktop. With desktop control of your iPECS you can utilise the power of the iPECS platform from within the applications you use everyday. Click to dial from Outlook, screen pop your CRM system, see your teams presence and easily transfer calls all from your Windows desktop.

  • Telephony Made Simple

     PHONE-LINK brings all the power of your LG-Ericsson iPECS eMG80 / UCP system to yourdesktop helping you to be more productive and customer focused. By integrating the ability to make, receive and transfer calls as well as being able to quickly see colleagues presence on your desktop, telephony becomes just another mouse click. PHONE-LINK delivers a new way of engaging with your desk phone and communicating with customers and colleagues.


     Using PHONE-LINK screen pop and on screen dialling you will be more productive as you complete tasks from your desktop. Making telephony a fully integrated part of all of your business processes means you can help you and the rest of your office team be more productive. Enhance productivity by:

    • Quickly directing calls to available colleagues by checking their presence and knowing you can reach them
    • Dialling straight from your CRM, accounts package, website or any desktop application
    • Accessing callers details before you have even answered the call with a simple database match of the incoming caller ID with the database record saving time and increasing accuracy
    • Quick Message colleagues to update them or ask them to return calls or contact you without disturbing them with a call
    • Update colleagues on your current availability and activity with simple status updates