• ISDN End of Life

    ISDN use reducing over last 9 years


    “ISDN2 (Integrated Services Digital Network) was launched on 7 February 1991, offering new applications in addition to enhancing existing services, providing an improved telephone service with faster call set-up and clearer speech. Since its introduction, ISDN2 has been the most reliable telephone service for small and medium size businesses.

    So what does BT’s withdrawal of ISDN actually mean to my business and why should I do something now, rather than wait until 2025?

    Let’s start with the basics, which is quite simply, that at some stage BT will switch off all ISDN2 services and anyone left using them would be immediately cut off, very much like what happened with the digital TV switch over, where the analogue television signal was switched off and if you didn’t have a new television in place, you couldn’t watch that night’s instalment of EastEnders/Coronation Street. As bad as this is, imagine if your business had no way of making or receiving telephone calls?

    So, we now understand that BT will be throwing the big switch and that we need to have something in place, allowing us to carry on making and receiving telephone calls. For a long time now, BT has used Voice over IP technology (VoIP) to route the calls we make, between its telephone exchanges. With the advent of more and more super-fast broadband products, the technology they use can now be extended down to us, the consumer. So what we are talking about isn’t brand new leading edge technology (which we all know carries a risk) but a tried and tested technology, that is now cost effective and very reliable if set up correctly.

    As a business you are almost certainly already aware of/using fibre broadband. This is the perfect medium for a new VoIP telephone system, but did you know, that all providers of fibre broadband are selling you the same product, delivered from the same exchange, using the same equipment? It is a common misconception that by switching broadband provider, you will get a better product, you won’t!

    Just to summarise then, the solution to BT’s withdrawal of legacy ISDN, is a Voice Over IP telephone system, connected to the outside world using fibre broadband or a leased line if you are a larger business.

    What is different is how the fibre broadband is sold to you and what it is expected to do once you have it installed, and this is where the VoIP horror stories come from, poor selling! At NDC, we have seen this many times and are fully aware that without taking a holistic view of your business we are unable to offer you the right advice. The only way to get to the point of proposal, is to work with you, to help you understand exactly how to transition from ISDN to VoIP and to help you understand what steps you need to take and why.

    None of us like to be forced to do something, but BT really do have no option but to withdraw legacy telephone lines over the next few years. So why not ask NDC how to make this into something good?

    As a business owner, you are no doubt focused on delivering the best possible service to your valued customers as well as making sure your staff are doing their job to the best of their ability? With this in mind, switching to a VoIP telephone system now, will allow you to monitor your level of service, as well as giving you the management tools you need, to monitor your staff and offer advice and training in areas that they might be falling short for whatever reason.

    If you switch from legacy ISDN to VoIP now, you could be eligible for the following:

    • Free telephone calls as part of your ongoing line/system rental – Perfect for the management of traditionally expensive telephone bills, as you know in advanced what your full monthly costs will be
    • Free call recording is offered with every NDC telephone system, either On Premise or Cloud – It is widely recognized that there is a 40% uplift in staff performance if they know calls are recorded
    • Free call logging package with every NDC telephone system – Imagine being able to have an hourly report for calls into your business which you have missed and not called back!
    • Free telephone system maintenance for the first 12 months with every new On Premise telephone system
    • NDC uses Ericsson LG’s advanced IPECS platform, allowing us to deliver your new system either On Premise or from the Cloud, you can even switch between the 2 and take advantage of both for additional business continuity solutions
    • Out of area numbers can be set up quickly with no forward costs.

    So if you haven’t yet made the switch to VoIP, give yourselves a competitive edge and get ahead of the game and avoiding the inevitable bottle neck that is widely accepted as coming very soon.

    So our advice is to be smart, switch sooner rather than later, then use the technology to stride ahead of those that left it too late!

    Author Mike McHugh – please contact me personally or one of my team who will be more than happy to arrange a time and date to come and see you to discuss this in more detail.