• iPECS UCP – Simple Unified Communications

  • Simple Unified Communications

    iPECS UCP is Ericsson-LG Enterprise's unified communications platform designed to help organisations communicate and collaborate with all of their stakeholders. iPECS Unified Communications helps users be more productive and efficient regardless of their location or chosen device.

  • Unified Communications (UC) is the primary growth driver in today's communications market. iPECS UCP, the latest product from Ericsson-LG Enterprise, is a unified communications platform designed to meet SMB and Enterprise communications needs.

  • How IPECS UCP can help your business

    Your small to mid-size business communication system shouldn't complicate your business. It should be simple to install, use and grow with your business. Your communications system should configure and install easily to meet your needs. Use of the system should be clear and intuitive so users easily understand how to access a feature. It should grow seamlessly as your business grows without regard to geography. It should give your business the productivity tools and communication applications you need to succeed in a competitive environment.

    iPECs UCP, Call Server and Gateway

    At the heart of the IPECS platform is the IPECS Call Server. This highly reliable purpose built Call Server controls and maintains communications between end-points and shared network resources. Modular IPECS Gateways, which easily connect to the Call Server over any IP network, interface to an array of network resources from analog telephone circuits to advanced VoIP connections. The simple modular structure yields flexible configurations and installations to meet your business needs now and in the future.

    The Call Server makes available an extensive set of features. From the basics such as Hold and Transfer to more advanced functions such as Least Cost Routing and Incoming Call Distribution, users easily access features through a single button on the phone. IPECS UCP offers an array of terminals so each user has the right communications tool for the job. Select from any of the LIP-7000/8000 or 9000 series desk-top phones, IPECS Wireless LAN phones, PC or PDA Virtual phones or SLT as appropriate for each user. Even digital phones from your legacy Ericsson LG system can be employed.

    Ericsson LG delivers a range of applications software designed to improve employee productivity and enhance the customer calling experience such as ez-Attendant which improves Attendant call handling; In addition, IPECS Application Integration Services allow both LG-Ercisson and 3rd party applications such as PHONE-LiNK and icall suite to deliver a seamless overall communication solution for your small to mid-sized business.

  • The key benefits of UCP for your business include:

    • IPECS UCP provides all of the unified communications functionality your business needs with voice, video, collaboration, messaging and integration to key applications.
    • iPECS UCP provides desktop and mobile applications for your business to access all of the power of UCP, regardless of their location.
    • iPECS UCP delivers scalable call platforms enabling your business to quickly increase capacity by adding licences. UC functionality embedded on the call server with no need for additional server infrastructure.
    • iPECS UCP offers range of platforms that can scale to meet the needs of between 2-2000 users.