• Cloud & Hosted Telephony

  • Scalable & Flexible Communications Without the Big Upfront Investment

    A hosted system provides your business with is a scalable and flexible way to manage your communications more effectively, connecting employees across multiple sites, from home or on the road.

  • Many businesses are turning to hosted solutions to benefit from a scalable service that can be multi-sited, whilst providing a private telephony network to ensure the effective management of inbound and  outbound calls.

    Hosted Telephony also delivers home working, uniform number plans and free on net calls.

    NDC can offer a choice of fully-featured offerings from both Gamma and I-Net.

    Full sales, technical and installation support are available.

    Hosted Telephony gives you the same reliable functionality of a traditional PBX system with advanced features, enabling you to communicate on a whole new level. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of the latest technology without the big upfront investment.

    In collaboration with our partner Ericsson LG we provide you with cutting-edge, scalable technology that grows with your business. With one company-wide platform, collaboration becomes easier and productivity improves.

    You can add new features and functionality without the need for upgrades or additional technology, meaning you’re always up to date.

    This solution ensures consistent call quality with a full Quality of Service guarantee.

    Our robust network delivers hosted services securely with built-in protection for all businesses using our hosted services.