Clipper Marine are an award winning UK boat brokerage based in Swanwick on the river Hamble. With sales offices at seven locations both in the UK and Internationally the company wanted a linked-up communications platform that would improve the experience for internal staff and customers.

    The Ericcson LG iPECS EMG80 hybrid PBX was chosen as the best fit solution for the business. It’s an IP based system but with analogue and digital integration options.

    Clipper Team at the 2017 Southampton Boat Show

    Prior to the solution rollout, each remote U K sales office had stand-alone single handsets, unconnected to each other. This was a particular problem with the Spanish office, with high phone charges due to the number of international calls.

    Now, not only can every member of staff have three digit extension dialling, all calls between the users are totally free of charge, by routing the calls over the internet. Calls to the handsets in Spain work no differently to that of internal extensions across a local office network. It’s just like you were transferring a call to another user in your office. The Spanish office was allocated a UK direct dial telephone number, so customers in the UK can call it for the price of a local call.

    Clipper’s CEO Matt Attree said, “The iPECS system has ensured we can communicate easily across all sites, being to assist efficiently with customer enquiries, no matter where they come from. Not only have we improved our communications, by adopting VoIP technology we have also significantly reduced our international call charges.”

    The company benefited from this technology recently at the world renowned Southampton Boat Show in 2017, where they deployed a single IP handset connected virtually to their phone system using a router and data SIM card, bypassing the event organiser’s public Wi-Fi network and avoiding any quality issues from sharing bandwidth with other exhibitors. This allowed the staff on the Clipper stand to make and receive direct calls back to the office, just like they were at their desks. Once the boat show ended, it was just a matter of putting the phone in the bag and taking it to their next show.